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  • Business Ethics Policy

    A Business Ethics Policy sets out the legal and ethical manner in which the organisation and its employees are expected to conduct themselves, and the moral principles that the organisation abides by.
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  • Company Communications Policy

    If your business employs staff, then such staff will be required to communicate with clients and business associates from time to time. A Company Communications Policy may be used to set out the communication rules and guidelines, and the manner in which employees are to communicate when liaising with fellow employees, customers, suppliers and other business associates.
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  • Company Vehicles Policy – Cargo & Long Haul

    If your business employs staff who are required to drive the Company’s vehicles, then a Company Vehicles Policy may be used. The Policy includes the scenario where drivers are required to transport cargo and/or travel long journeys on Company business
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  • Company Vehicles Policy – light commercial

    If your business employs staff who are required to drive the Company’s vehicles, then a Company Policy may be used. The Company Vehicles Policy sets out the manner in which the employee is required to conduct him/herself whilst using company vehicles, including the driver’s responsibilities and reporting accidents and incidents.
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  • Comprehensive Employment Policies & Procedures

    Employment Policies & Procedures detail various issues pertaining to the terms and conditions of employment in the company.
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  • Computer Use Policy

    A Computer Use Policy details the Company’s policy in respect of staff’s use of computers, related equipment and the general IT infrastructure that is provided by and belongs to the Company.
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  • Confidential Information Policy

    A Confidential Information Policy reminds staff of the importance of protecting the Company’s confidential information, refers to the requirement for staff to sign secrecy undertakings, and includes a classification table to assist staff in classifying company information.
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  • Corruption, Gifts & Kickbacks Policy

    If your business employs staff who have any form of interface with customers, suppliers or business associates then an Anti-Corruption Policy & Procedure may be used. A Corruption, Gifts & Kickbacks Policy sets out every employee’s obligation to refrain from giving or receiving any gifts or favours that would comprise corruption or the perception of corruption.
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  • Disciplinary & Grievance Policy

    If your business employs staff then a Disciplinary Procedures & Grievance Policy may be used. The Procedures set out the process the business will take in the event of a staff member’s incapacity or misconduct, the related disciplinary proceedings, and any grievances expressed by staff.
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  • Dress Code Policy

    A Dress Code Policy helps the employer to specify acceptable attire, and includes reference to the requirement for employees to wear a uniform or follow a specified dress code requirement, as the company may require.
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  • Employee Recruitment & Appointment Policy

    A Recruitment & Appointment Policy sets out the procedures that a company takes when appointing an employee to a position, and can be added to a company’s standard Policies and Procedures and other employment guidelines.
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  • Employee Relocation Policy

    If your business needs to move employees to different locations from time to time, where the move involves the employee relocating his/her residence, then an Employee Relocation Policy may be used.
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  • Employment Equity Policy

    If your business employs staff, then an Employment Equity Policy may be used. The Policy sets out the Employer’s commitment to treat staff on an equitable basis.
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  • Environmental Policy

    An Environmental Policy outlines the company’s commitment to being a responsible citizen and its obligation to comply with environmental laws and regulations.
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  • Fatigue Management Policy

    If you run a business and you employ staff, then a Fatigue Management Policy may be used, particularly where staff are required to work for longer periods, night shifts, long distances from home, or under intense or stressful working conditions. The Policy details the protection afforded to staff in respect of Fatigue Management, and general precautionary measures to be taken by staff in the workplace.
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