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  • Acknowledgement of Debt by an Employee

    An Acknowledgement of Debt may be used where a debt is owed by an employee to the employer. The AOD can be used to acknowledge and confirm that a debt is due, and to specify that the debt is payable in a number of instalments.
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  • Credit Card Undertaking

    It is sometimes necessary for you to give certain employees a credit card, debit card, fuel card or store card, which is required to be used only for specified purposes. A Credit Card Undertaking can be signed by the employee or contractor when receiving the card. The declaration confirms what the card may be used for, and cautions the cardholder on the consequences of misusing the card.
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  • Disciplinary Enquiry Report

    The reality of employing staff is that, from time to time, you find yourself needing to discipline an employee. A Disciplinary Enquiry Report can be used when holding a disciplinary enquiry or appeal in respect of a staff member’s transgression. The report follows the outline of the proceedings that are followed when holding a disciplinary hearing involving an employee.
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  • Employee Bank Details Form

    If you run a business and employ staff, then an Employee Bank Details template may be used to confirm an employee’s bank account for the purpose of paying remuneration. The employee can also use this form to update their bank details when they change their bank accounts from time to time.
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  • Employee Consent to Deduction from Salary

    An Employee Consent to Deduct from Salary form provides for the employee to acknowledge and confirm that amounts owed to the company can be deducted from their salary before the employer's payment of their salary.
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  • Employee Details Form

    If you run a business and you employ staff, then an Employee Details Form can be used to capture employee personal information for record-keeping and emergency purposes.
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  • Employee Exit Interview

    An organisation employing staff can use an Employee Exit Interview to assess how an employee has experienced employment with the organisation, why the employee has resigned, and how the organisation can improve its employee relations.
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  • Employee Expense Claims Form

    If you run a business and employ staff, then an Employee Expense Claims template may be used by employees to claim back business expenses that the employee personally paid for.
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  • Employee Interview Guide

    An organisation looking to employ staff may make use of this Employee Interview Guide. The interview guide provides sample interview questions and assists with the preparation and assessment of a candidate.
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  • Employee Secrecy Agreement

    An Employee Secrecy Agreement protects the confidentiality of company and other proprietary information that is obtained by an employee during his/her employment.
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  • Employee Suspension Notice

    If you run or manage a business and employ staff, then a template Notice of Suspension of an employee can be used to notify an employee of their suspension from work pending the outcome of an investigation.
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  • Employee Training Agreement

    An Employee Training Agreement can help protect a company that provides in-house or external training to its staff. If the staff member’s employment is terminated within a specified period of time, the staff member concerned would be required to reimburse the organisation for the training.
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  • Employment Reference Checks

    An organisation employing staff may use an Employment Reference Check to ask previous employers for verification of a prospective employee’s experience, skills and performance.
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  • Job Application Form

    A Job Application Form can be given to a job candidate to complete in order to get all the pertinent information required, such as qualifications and work history. The form also includes the candidate’s consents to having credit checks and verifications performed on him/her using the personal details provided.
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  • Job Description

    If you run a business and you employ staff, then a Job Description template is a useful tool to set out the minimum requirements for a job, and the general duties required of the position.
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