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  • Franchise Agreement

    A Franchise Agreement is used by a franchisor to contract with its franchisees. When a franchisor offers business opportunities to people using a franchised structure, a franchise agreement is a legal requirement. The contract is used to set out the rights and obligations of both franchisee and franchisor, clarifying what is required of both parties.
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  • Franchise Application Form

    A Franchise Application Form helps you to collect information about a prospective franchisee before agreeing to sell them a franchise. Using a Franchisee Application Form you can conduct background checks on the prospective franchisee, which will help you decide whether this is someone you want to do business with.
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  • Franchise Disclosure Document

    A franchise disclosure document can be used as part of a franchise chain's franchise documents pack. The franchise disclosure document is a legal requirement, used to set out the basic franchise information that the prospective franchisee needs to know before agreeing to buy the franchise.
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  • Franchise NDA

    A Franchise NDA, or confidentiality agreement, can be used to protect sensitive franchise-related information that the franchisor discloses to prospective franchisees before the franchise agreement is entered into.
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  • Template Franchise Documents Bundle

    The Franchise Agreement, Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Application Forms and NDA included in this template franchise documents bundle are designed to help with structuring a franchise offering.
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