Franchise NDA

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This Franchise NDA can be used to protect sensitive franchise-related information that the franchisor discloses to prospective franchisees before the franchise agreement is entered into.



Summary This Franchise NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is a confidentiality agreement that can be used by a franchisor to protect sensitive franchise-related information disclosed to prospective franchisee owners before the franchise agreement is entered into.

Who should use this Franchise NDA? If you are a franchisor then this Franchise NDA can prove very useful. When people express interest in becoming a franchise owner the franchisor often finds itself having to release sensitive franchise information to the enquirer. If the interest goes no further and the person does not buy into the franchise business, the franchisor needs a way of ensuring that the franchise business’ confidential information cannot be misused. The Franchisor’s NDA provides that the information disclosed by the franchisor cannot be distributed or used by the prospective franchise applicant.

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What does the contract say? The Franchisor’s NDA:

  • Generally identifies the protected information
  • Prohibits the prospective franchise owner or other interested party from disclosing or using the information
  • Provides for damages
  • Includes a non-circumvention clause

How long is the document? This non-disclosure agreement for franchises can be printed onto three pages.

 What do you need to do to use the franchise’s template Non-Disclosure Agreement?

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