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The ideal document solution for attorneys, legal consultants, contract drafters, business advisors and business owners!

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The ideal document solution for attorneys, legal consultants, contract drafters, business advisors and business owners!
If you are looking for:
  • a large quantity of contract templates, documents & agreements
  • greater flexibility in using our documents and templates
  • access to new and updated contracts, documents & agreement templates

then the 12 month membership is for you!

With our 12 month membership option, you get access to all the documents on our site for one year, including new documents added and updates to existing documents. Membership comes with the right to use our copyright for the period that your membership is in force. With certain limitations.

Please note that when signing up for membership, you agree that:

  • The 12-month Agreements Online membership excludes access to documents in our “Partner Products” category.
  • The documents on this site will not be placed or offered on any other internet or related website, or offered via the internet or any social media platform, whether for a fee or not, to any other person, and whether in their current form or in any altered form.
  • The documents on this site will not, whether in their current form or in any altered form, be marketed, sold or in any way made available to the general public, whether by internet, social media, direct marketing, or using any other methods, and whether as downloadable documents, on CD or flash-drive, or in any other format or through any other channel, without limitation.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your membership should you use any documents on this website in any way that is not intended by Agreements Online.
  • Agreements Online reserves all right to take any action that may be necessary should any person breach our copyright or otherwise breach the terms of use of our documents.
  • Membership is provided on a single-user license basis. On purchasing a 12-month Membership, the user agrees that the password and user ID will be kept confidential and under no circumstances will it be distributed and provided to any other person.

You will be able to access the documents upon signing in to your online account:  “My Account”

You may not sell, offer or publish any Agreements Online documents on any website, social media platform, or using any other online channel. Any attempt to do so will be a breach of our copyright.



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