Affidavit – Cancelling TV Licence

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You can use this affidavit in support of your request to cancel your TV licence.


Affidavit for Cancelling a TV Licence

If you live in South Africa and own a working television set, you are obliged by law to pay an annual licence fee to the SABC. And you need to have an up-to-date TV licence before you can buy a new TV. Some of the main reasons for cancelling your TV licence include: you’ve sold or given away your TV, your TV has been stolen or is no longer working and you don’t intend to replace it, or you have emigrated. To cancel your TV licence you need to complete an affidavit explaining why you want your licence to be cancelled, sign it in front of a commissioner of oaths, and email it to the SABC.

Use this affidavit in support of your request for cancelling a TV licence.


Please note: we cannot guarantee that the SABC will accept this affidavit, nor can we confirm what type of documentation the SABC may require you to produce in support of your request for cancellation. The requirements to cancel your licence are subject to change at any time without notice.



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