About Agreements Online

We understand the challenges facing businesses when it comes to managing legal risks. We understand that each industry is different. We understand the business concerns that face different industries. And we use our insights to help our customers implement risk management controls within their documents and their business processes.

We consider all the associations in a business:

  • Staff: Employment Contracts, Policies and Procedures
  • Business Partners: Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Buy and Sell Agreements
  • Business Associates: Confidentiality Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Commission Agreements, Sub-Contractor Agreements
  • Clients: Terms and Conditions, Support Agreements and much more!

Our Approach

You know your business best, and invariably you know what type of documents you need in your business. But you may not have the knowledge, experience, skill, time or inclination to compile your own agreements, or the ready funds or appetite to spend on the associated legal fees. We can assist you to better understand the legal framework that your business operates in, guide you on the best legal agreements and documents for your business, and provide you with the appropriate legal documents.

Our legal agreements are drafted by experienced South African drafters and specialists. We endeavour to ensure that the legal contracts and business documents we provide are:

  • Written in plain language, unambiguous, and easy to use and understand;
  • Easy to read. Wherever possible we avoid complicated cross-referencing, fine-print footnotes, and multiple appendices;
  • Provided in Word format, allowing you to amend them where necessary;
  • Cost-effective. Your legal contracts and business documents shouldn’t break the bank;
  • Easy to use. Your business documents should fit easily and seamlessly into your existing business practices.

If you’re looking for a library of high quality legal documents that you can access quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively, then you’ve come to the right place. On this website you will find a wide range of editable legal and business documents and templates that you can download in Word format, adapt to your specifications, and easily incorporate into your business practices. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you’ve got a specific contract that you need custom drafted, we can recommend our Custom Drafting Service, where you can get a custom agreement drafted to your requirements for a flat fee. No more surprise lawyer’s bills at the end!

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Agreements Online is the brainchild of Kerry Jack. Having observed the legal challenges that face businesses, she soon noticed that although many business owners want to implement risk management strategies and use legal documents to protect their interests, they are often fearful of approaching lawyers for advice and assistance. This is generally due to the perception that the average attorney has a penchant for high fee structures and complicated contracts. And so the Agreements Online idea was borne. It is intended as a cost-effective, user-friendly way for business owners to access standard contracts and business documents online, and to use legal agreements that suit their businesses. Kerry’s years of legal experience assisted greatly in bringing the online agreements concept to fruition. Shortly after Agreements Online was launched, Kerry was nominated as a finalist in the Business Women’s Association Business Achiever Awards for her initiative with the website.

Kerry passed her law degree at the University of Natal, Durban, with 9 distinctions, 4 Certificates of Merit for highest mark achieved, Dean’s Commendation, and the Juta Award for the Best Law Student. Kerry has also completed Unisa’s gruelling Management Development Programme, achieving distinctions in all 5 subjects and earning the Dean’s Award for Best Student, as well as RAU’s Diploma in Advanced Banking (with distinction), Certificate in Compliance, and Certificate in Money Laundering Control (with distinction, and Dean’s Award for Highest Mark). She is also a Competent Toastmaster (Toastmaster’s International).

Kerry gained valuable business experience in both legal practice as well as in corporate legal advising. Following her articles and admission as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa, she joined a major South African Bank as a legal adviser and in-house counsel, where she also set up and managed the Legal Compliance Department for the Business Banking division and the bank’s Branch Network. While working in the bank she was recognised for her service excellence with top achiever awards.

Her primary field of interest is Commercial Law. She has over 23 years of experience, with much of this time spent helping businesses to resolve legal challenges and manage their legal risks.


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