Letter of Demand for Rental

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This Letter of Demand for Rental may be used where rental is owed to you by a tenant, and has not yet been paid. A Letter of Demand calls on the tenant to pay the rental and associated amounts due, failing which further action will be taken.

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Why do I need a Letter of Demand?

A Letter of Demand for Rental reminds a tenant of the amount that is due for payment, and gives the tenant a deadline for the payment. The Letter of Demand warns the tenant of the legal consequences of ignoring the demand.

Who should use a Letter of Demand?

If you rent out property and have a tenant that owes rent and/or associated amounts such as electricity, this Letter of Demand may be used to call on the tenant to pay the amounts owed.

What does the Letter of Demand say?

  • The Letter of Demand strives to:
  • Confirm the amount that is due
  • Give the tenant a deadline in which to pay
  • Provide for the insertion of bank details into which the rental can be paid
  • Generally caution the tenant should the debt not be paid

What does the Letter of Demand look like?

  • The letter can be printed onto one A4 page.

What do you need to do to use the Letter of Demand?

  • Read the document to ensure that it suits your requirements. Make changes as required.
  • Complete the relevant details, and send the Letter of Demand to the tenant.

Also known as:

  • Demand Letter
  • Final Notice


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